Apart from the crude physical distinctions, a plethora of innate tendencies, bestow individuality to a being. This field of individuality is sown with seeds, independent of heredity or environment, waiting to sprout and blossom when the time is just right. Thus there seems no just explanation to the question, “Why am I the way I am?” Some things are impossible to deny and yet they are extremely difficult to comprehend.

As a student of Applied Geophysics at the Indian School of Mines I was never really interested in making big bucks by joining some oil major. Although gifted with a sharp intellect and a scientific bent of mind, science never quenched my thirst for true knowledge. Science at best served to be a mirage promising everything and yet delivering nothing. Devoting time and energy to understand and interpret the grosser manifestations of existence without having any idea of the subtle influencer may make sense to some, but for me it was utter stupidity, since I looked the whole existence from a broader perspective transcending both time and space and comprehensive of all beings – living and non-living alike. This apparent fallacy in the “practicality” of the material world has made me a seeker for true knowledge, knowing which nothing’s more left to be known.

Determined to follow my heart by respecting my individuality I have always sought inner guidance for outer growth. Sharing, caring and relaxing are the parameters, I judge the depth of my life with. I love innocence and genuine playfulness. I am also an ear to a range of diverse music but I really love some soulful melodies for their sheer ability of transcendence into our very being.

I love to keep myself busy. I love writing blogs, meditating (an empty mind is a devil’s workshop and a yogi’s delight ;)), touring places, eating and enjoying good company.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be born as a human and even more fortunate to be a seeker.

The grace of the “Shiva tattva” has annihilated the mind, ceasing its restlessness, and paving the way for the heart to blossom.

Now it’s a journey back to the heart.

Innocence and wisdom.

Love and celebration.

Jai Gurudev.

  1. Banti Kumar Jha says:

    Looking forward to you the way you have transcended, has been a joy to me. Having spent soulful time with you have always made me proud. I acknowledge you as a scholar and a guiding friend.

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