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Starting afresh !!

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Random jottings

Hi friends ,

Orkut gave way to Facebook for some pretty obvious reasons and so am i on WordPress. I have, however, imported those precious words i wrote here and there on blogspot and other sites to “BHAKTI” ; thanks to WordPress for so many awesome features (it gets all the more awesome if you are ready to get poorer by a few dollars….but i am managing it for free 🙂 )

Please click on the subscription tag on the left sidebar to get notified of my posts instantly. I promise to write at least once every week. 

Apart from reading the current posts you always have the direct convenience of selecting the genre you want to read by selecting your pick from the sidebar. I hope to write on all these diverse topics just to have a judicial mix of the different flavours that life offers to us, so that every body gets something to buy.

The “humour” section doesn’t express my views (apart from the title of the posts) and has been compiled from various sources, in an attempt to bring back the lost smiles through some genuine clean “veg” stuffs. 

Also i have added pictures here and there in the blogs to make them more vibrant. Hope you like it.

The tabs on the top, apart from giving a justification of the site’s title, give an insight into the author’s life and has many other (soon to be added) features in it. So keep looking for that space.

Do read my blogs (and save the writer in me ;))

And do not forget to drop in with feedbacks (constructive criticisms) or even brickbats.
Jai Gurudev.