Why Bhakti?

The question arises, why did i title my page “Bhakti” ?

Before that i should suggest you read about the author’s life and interests to perceive things from his perspective in order to get a hint of something that’s inexpressible in the true sense.

The search for true Knowledge leads to wisdom. But knowledge is not the end. Knowledge arrests the restlessness of the mind and brings it back to the source and the even higher journey of divine love starts from there.

While Bhakti can be an independent way to attaining the highest goal, it should be known that all other means culminate in Bhakti and Bhakti alone leads to salvation.

Bhakti is pure bliss consciousness. It is both the journey and the destination. A person in divine love even doesn’t care for salvation since he experiences the bliss of the Self in the body itself.

We have all had a glimpse of such ecstasy sometimes in our lives. At that moment the mind was empty and the heart was full. In that space of fulfillment, the God resides.

Love has different flavours. It modifies its form based on the relationship shared by the subject and the object. The essence of all these “flavours”, which is common in all its modifications, raised to the pinnacle is BHAKTI – the divine love.

Jai Gurudev.

  1. Mohit Agrawal says:

    Hello Vibhu,

    I really enjoyed your whole article about “Bhakti”. It is really a encouraging one but I have one doubt which I really want to share with you.

    In the end of this article, you said ” Bhakti is divine love” but I have a different thinking for both. Bhakti means profound dedication, consecration or earnest attachment to a person while Love is a feeling of attraction and affection of a person towards other person. Lets take an example from the life of Lord Krishna and Sudama ji, Sri Sudama ji was having two kind of relationship with Lord Krishna, as a friend and as God. As a friend, he loved Sri Krishna but as a bhakt he was considering him God. Why he was considering both the things differently ? Does this mean that love and bhakti are different things? …….Please keep in mind that Sudama ji was a BRAHMAGYANI.

    You wrote that divine love leads to bhakti….but Sudama ji was a inborn bhakt of lord krishna.

  2. Vibhu says:

    Dear Mohit,
    In my post I have also used the phrase “hint of something that’s inexpressible in the true sense.”…..regarding bhakti.
    The truth is i can’t explain you anything. I can just act as a pointer to some extent.
    It is like eating a sweet and describing the taste. I can’t describe you the taste.
    Only when you have had the same sweet, we can both look each other into the eyes and smile, without saying anything.
    Bhakti is an “infinte” concept. It is not any emotion.It is the very core of your being.
    And infinity holds everything into it. Such truth seems contradictory on the surface but at the depth they are all same.
    Like if i describe the sweet as “tasty”….and u say no, i have a doubt,,,,its actually “yummy”….none are wrong.
    Do not get stuck to words. I write just for my one satisfaction and not for educating others. Although it is a different matter that people at the same level of consciousness can extract knowledge out of the same (and hence it is not due to the text,,,,it is due to their own qualification).
    Again drop all what i have written also. Just Relax and be.

    Jai Gurudev.

  3. Saurabh Pandey says:

    Hi Sir,

    I went through your article. It’s amazing. Giving the feel of a power which governs everything around us.

    I don’t know whether I will get a chance to go in deep or not but whenever I pass through, gets excited to search more and more.

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